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RDS in flight presents: Open Science and publishing your data for credit

We invite you to a presentation by Dr. Varsha Khodiyar, Springer Nature Data Curation Manager and Editor of the Nature Research journal, Scientific Data. Dr. Khodiyar will be speaking about the global trend to share research data, how you can share your data in a creditable way, and the services that now exist to help you share your data in a useful way.

Open science and sharing research data are big trends in scientific publishing. Researchers are encouraged to share data, however, the incentives and mechanisms for sharing data effectively are often unclear.


For open data to help increase scientific reproducibility and reliability it must be more than just available – it should be shared to be understandable, reusable and, ideally, validated through peer review.


As well as publishing the data journal Scientific Data, Springer Nature is leading the way in helping researchers to share their data well.

Monday, November 12, 2018
09:00 - 10:30
Ulwazi, Knowledge Commons, Chancellor Oppenheimer Library
Upper Campus
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Gcobisa Xalabile