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Single Seat Booking @ Chancellor Oppenheimer Library

There are 4 booking option(s) available for the "Business Corner (on-campus)" category and the "Research Wing, Jagger Level 5" zone. You can go back and change the filters.



Booking Information

Bloomberg Terminals in the Business corner may be booked for a maximum of 4 hours per session.

You can check in 5 minutes before your booking start time.

Please ensure that you leave promptly at the end of your time slot.

Your booking will be automatically cancelled after 15 minutes if you have not checked in.


Book a seat at Business Corner inside Chancellor Oppenheimer Library to access the Bloomberg database.

Looking for Eikon/Datastream? Get remote access here.

Bookings are limited to a maximum 4 hours per person per day, which do not have to be consecutive hours.

If your seat is unoccupied for 15 minutes your booking will be cancelled – e.g. If you have a 4-hour slot and leave for an hour, the remainder of your booking will be cancelled.

Bloomberg terminals are located in the:

Research Wing
Jagger Level 5
Chancellor Oppenheimer Library

Library access from University Avenue: Enter Otto Beit, take the lift up one level, cross floor to small lift, and go up another level to Cissie Gool Plaza level. Access from Cissie Gool Plaza: turn right up the ramp and into the Chancellor Oppenheimer Building. Pass the ATM and UCT Document Centre and take the lift to Level 1 to access the Chancellor Oppenheimer Library.

Library access from Steve Biko Students Union, North Lane: Take lift down to Level 4. Go through access-controlled door immediately outside lift. Exit through access control door at reception area and enter Hlanganani through glass door directly opposite, turn left and take the lift down to Level 2.

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